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No. 3-461SS & 4618 Plunger Style Toolbox Latch

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  • Slam Action
  • Positive latching - up to 3 stages
  • Self aligning striker bracket
  • Minimal water penetration
  • Vandal resistant
  • The unique, 3 stage, notched plunger design allows varying depths of engagement for each side of the box lid. This compensates for those common situations where the box is not level and the lid would otherwise not latch on both sides.
  • Optional "O" rings around crosspin for additional water resistance. Consult factory.
  • The self aligning striker bracket, featuring up to 3/8" horizontal adjustment, is very forgiving for situations of latch misalignment.
  • Note: The plunger and mounting bracket sub assembly is also available separately for remote activation applications.
  • Latch Materials: Stainless steel paddle and receptacle, Zinc die cast plunger Stainless steel springs, Black polylube plated carbon steel components on plunger operating mechanism and bracket.
  • Striker Bracket Materials: Black-polylube plated carbon steel bracket, Zinc plated spring clip, Aluminum channel for easy welding.